Rose has pretty feet and legs, sexy toes and wrinkled soles

Pretty Feet and Legs - Sexy Toes and Wrinkled Soles

Age - 21

Height - 5'6"

Shoe Size - 6

Galleries - 19

Photographs - 311

Rose was our first model. An accomplished artist with pretty feet and toes, she came up with many of the ideas for her photos. Rose has sexy legs, soft soles and beautiful wrinkled soles. Rose helped us to define our vision for Artistic Feet. Those are her sexy feet in the banner! To see all of the artistic pictures of her pretty feet and toes, sexy legs and wrinkled soles, click here to join now!

Rose has awesome legs and feet Rose's wrinkled soles look beautiful. What fantastic arches pretty feet and legs, sexy toes and wrinkled soles Gorgeous geisha feet Red hot feet! Sexy wrinkled soles
Kate has sexy feet and legs, pretty toes and wrinkled soles

Pretty Legs - Wrinkled Soles - Sexy Feet and Toes

Age - 18

Height - 5'3"

Shoe Size - 7

Galleries - 12

Photographs - 321

Kate is so particular about taking care of her pretty feet and toes that her pre-shoot pedicure was the easiest so far. This gorgeous young lady had her first professional modeling session with us. Kate loves to show off her sexy, wrinkled soles and perfectly shaped legs. For instant access to all of the large, high-resolution pictures of her sexy feet and toes, wrinkled soles and pretty legs, click here.

Feet pretty enough to stop traffic Kate shows off her sexy arches and wrinkled soles Kate rests her leg up on the dashboard to show you her sexy wrinkled sole Legs and feet hot enough to melt a chocolate ice cream cone Kate cools off her foot by dangling her shoe Pretty feet and toes from every angle